Monday, March 16, 2015

Brand Spotlight: Tammy Fender

Regret is seldom used in my vocabulary, and when shelling out a pretty penny for skincare theres no exception. Strong justification can lay in the argument of investing in later years. Throwing a couple bills now in my youth may yield some Benjamin Button results in my fifties. Although my wallet opens wide for beauty exploration I’m no sucker for poor ingredients. I want comprehendible ingredients, easy peasy words, nothing of the mineral oil persusion. Strong medicinal properties that sprout are or extracted some route from the earth. 

Tammy Fender skincare does that for me and so much more. Aesthetics doesn’t hurt the sale, apothecary glass packaging; Similar to the Aesop branding but more simplified. It does the medicine cabinet good for all visual minds.

 I’ve made my way through three products that give me a good ringer on the rest. Starting with the coveted face mask Epi-Peel. The first thoughts popping to mind, were sorcery, black magic in the making. Was there sacraficed unicorns, laid down all in the name of good skin. Unlike most mask this one is mixed in with micro exfoliator. Damp fingertips give the face a good rub for a couple minutes and then onto the wait of your traditional mask. On the other side of a good wipe with a damp muslin cloth comes glowing “I’ve been on a month retreat, drinking only fresh pressed juice and purified water.” skin. The skin of hard labor and numerous dermatology appointments in one.Polished skin radiating cheeks. Check and check.

Next on the list was toner and moisturiser. I even lowered my expectation, I mean really the chances of stellar products across the board is rare. (Disclaimer here in that I gravitate towards any product that sounds brightening, toning and will lead to that youthful glow.) The Essential C Tonic alone received thumbs up, a toner with a pump makes it easy for my cotton wool routine. I was a little weary that the heavy dosage of vitamin C would dry my normal skin (it tends to lean to the oily spectrum in the summer and a dodge to the dry in winter) a bit and leave it feeling tight, but instead it felt evened and refreshed. It became a good alternative to my Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. 

Moisutriser is where it got a little weird. Antioxidant Creme Neroli & Orange has an almost tacky gel like consistency, and with humidity in the mix it didn’t sound like the greatest idea for my skin. But the gloopy concocation has become my go to hydrator on days where I want to go face commando, and I may be hypnotized by it's luxurious powers but it seems to have this photoshop tool in jar, blurring over all my imperfection. 

Closing the case Tammy Fender gets all the thumbs from me and more. I may even foresee a trip to the brand's spa in the future.