Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cleanse and repeat: Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

A needle in a hay stick stack is a metaphor I'd like to think of in the lines of skincare romance. Very few products earn the right to be continuously adorned on my bathroom shelf, but when found true loyalty is earned. Of course one shoe doesn't fit all and it all comes down to preference, routine and simply the condition of your skin, but I truly feel no wrong when I say Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing balm may be for all. Oiler skin types may be put off by its balm like texture that literally melts onto the skin, but what it leaves you with is balanced nourished skin. No tightness to balance out with concoctions on your bathroom counter and no oil slicked skin that needs to be combat with toner. Yes, this balm gives you that perfect in between that everyone runs to achieve. Hungarian mud does the heavy work of pulling out the day's dirt and sin, while sweet almond leaves the skin plump and radiant. If all else doesn't speak to your cup of tea, you can always enjoy the luxurious smell of sweet orange that fills your nostrils and the fancy, heavy in hand packaging  that one hundred dollars buys you. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Heat wave: Minimal

Photos top to bottom: Jcrew collection, Chole, J. Mendel, Cedric Charlier, Alexander Wang

We all plan for the perfect time of the year right before the heat wave of summer, and just as winter has closed it's door. Cool breezes to lift the leaves and enough sun to give both glare and reasoning behind wearing shades. This is ideal, resort weather even but realistically it never quite occurs. Straight to "what's the least amount of clothing I can wear without looking like I'm wearing a bikini". Florida sun just isn't pretty, but if you live in it you have to deal with it. Minimal straight to the point clothing is what works and is all I want to wear. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Grass is greener

Top Essie in The More the Merrier, Formula X in Over the Top, Urban Outfitters in Slime and Sally Hansen in Grass Slipper 

I say green and you think money? Fashion and beauty leave little room for the color green, and this forgotten hue needs a brush of love; well deserved love. A good mannequin manicure extends the limbs and black will always be the new black, but an electrified green does something more. Neon green; border line bio hazard shades come with edge, glares and stares. They stand out; isn't that what a good manicure entails? No matter "winter, spring, summer or fall"... "you've got a friend"... in green ( nod to Carole King). 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


  Top:H&M bottoms:Current Elliot Shoes:Jcrew 

In grade school the word uniform is enough to boil outrage and begin the petitions, but maybe the consistency of polyester blend plaid and collars isn't that far off. Yes, polyester is a road block; but take out the idea of catholic school girl and think... Judy Funnie. 

Beyond the fact that Judy is not Judy and rather a compilation of witty brains behind a television screen,  she was onto something. Love of a great look justifies repetition. With mild detergent and the gentle cycle here and there, slight variety, and the occasional handbag to clutch switcheroo getting dressed becomes a breeze. You become known for that look you do so well, and whether a simple linen tee and worn jeans or volume prone bottoms and a boyfriend button up is you the uniform is less of the ease and more so embedding your individuality.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cheater's skin: Faking the glow

Cart pilling on Whole Foods' leafy borecole; code name kale and the daily repeat of #1 on your juice cleanse are admirable and dedicated options for light bouncing skin, but theres a way to eat your cake and glow too. Ethereal skin lies only minutes away in fool proof applicable tools. 

First and again you'll hear the encouragement to drink. Not of the Don Draper variety rather what the world and it's mother know; water. Gearing up your skin from zero to glow presents no better time to say cheers with the drink of Brita's choice.
Zen skin deserves a nourished pout, and Nuxe Reve Di Miel delivers with luxe honey and grapefruit.   

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, although light is perfect for blurring out small imperfections while giving a dose of glow. 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is perfect under the eyes to combat the shown lack of sleep in your life. Hydrating and a bit more coverage it also can be used to strike out any imperfections. 

Becca shimmering Skin perfecter adds more of the angelic glow. Down the nose, top of the cheekbone and cupid's bow.   

Nars Exhibit A intense in color; but when used with  control and a light hand gives the skin a sun kissed flush.

Finish off with a few strokes of MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash to give long defined lashes. Now is only preparation for stares and gazes prime skin receives.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cut offs & other stories

Denim is denim for a reason. There's such ease and comfort in putting on a pair of disheveled cut offs in the warmer months, but almost too easy. Plethoras of amazing cuts of shorts in this consumerism world, why stick to one? 

Barely digging through my closet I became reacquainted with three pairs.  

A. Safari appropriate:shorts BCBGMAXAZRIA top T by Alexander Wang shoes J.Crew  

B. Scalloped hems:shorts Leifsdottir top Zara Jacket Madewell

C. Silk Athletes:shorts Base Range Top Madewell clutch Alexander Wang 

Change isn't so hard. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red, red, red. Giorgio Armani

Every girl needs the right shade of red lipstick. Every girl needs several different shades of the right red lipstick. This time the right red is Giorgio Armani's Rouge D'Armani in the shade 400. I've tried this line before, but the minute I swatched it on my hand there was no returning. True to other colors I've tried in the range, #400 felt light weight and nourishing on the lips. This line carries the feel of a tinted lip balm, but whips out some mean pigment.. some long wearing mean pigment. Majority of the day it remained, with only a small need for a swipe after lunch. Back to what drew me in; It leans more on the blue scale of reds. Be warned that this is a strong vibrant red. This is for the girl who loves a great shade of red...maybe even a vampy red. Most would say it's more of a night shade, but who cares daytime could use a bit more vamp. 

Also good things come in three, or is the saying bad things? Either way MAC Ruby Woo and Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon are close to needs in the red department if the above color turns you in.