Wednesday, April 30, 2014


  Top:H&M bottoms:Current Elliot Shoes:Jcrew 

In grade school the word uniform is enough to boil outrage and begin the petitions, but maybe the consistency of polyester blend plaid and collars isn't that far off. Yes, polyester is a road block; but take out the idea of catholic school girl and think... Judy Funnie. 

Beyond the fact that Judy is not Judy and rather a compilation of witty brains behind a television screen,  she was onto something. Love of a great look justifies repetition. With mild detergent and the gentle cycle here and there, slight variety, and the occasional handbag to clutch switcheroo getting dressed becomes a breeze. You become known for that look you do so well, and whether a simple linen tee and worn jeans or volume prone bottoms and a boyfriend button up is you the uniform is less of the ease and more so embedding your individuality.